When it comes to food, it can be a little too easy to become stuck in our ways. Fast food can take over and before we know it, we’re not even sure as to what type of food excites us anymore. A good way to reboot this kind of thinking is to introduce ourselves to new food. This can be done via a number of different eateries that will all specialise in different types of food. 

There is food that can be from the best pizza places in West London or your favourite dish from a gourmet café. The world can offer all sorts of surreal food that isn’t available from your local gourmet café for a number of reasons, but remains an ideal conversation piece among fans of food. 

Although there are a great number of dishes available locally from your local gourmet cafe, it may take travelling further afield to truly allow our senses to be tested. Below are some of the weirdest dishes available around the world. While they won't be to everyone’s tastes, they can make for a great bucket list 

Century Eggs, China 

The name of this dish can be a little misleading, as the eggs used are far from one hundred years old. But they are stored for a number of months to turn the white brown and the yolk dark green. 

Those who like their eggs fried, scrambled or poached and consumed in their local gourmet café dmay struggle with the idea behind century eggs, but they are still consumed daily by millions of China’s residents. 

Fugu, Japan 

While any food can be dangerous if it’s not prepared in the correct way, there is a pufferfish in Japan that can kill someone if it’s not prepared correctly. 

While Fugu remains popular, it has actually taken the life of 20 people since its introduction in 2000. 

Fried Spiders, Cambodia 

If you thought deep-fried Mars bars were weird, then nothing will prepare you for one of Cambodia’s delicacies. 

The tarantulas are served in the Phnom Penh restaurant, which claims over 200 diners enjoy the unique dish each week. 

Jellied Moose Nose, Canada 

While the nose probably isn’t the most attractive cut, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who will experiment anyway. 

Jellied Moose Nose is popular among Canadians and it sees the moose nose boiled up with onions and spices, before boiling again and slicing. The nose is then added to a broth, which eventually jellifies. 

While not available in any local gourmet café, it certainly makes for an interesting alternative for those who ever venture to Canada. 

Haggis, Scotland 

While probably more accepted than other dishes on the list, it’s still worth noting how haggis is prepared. A sheep’s heart is partnered with its liver and lungs as the foundations of the dish. Oatmeal, suet and onions are added and will then be cooked within the sheep’s heart. 

Haggis is a seen as a more acceptable dish. Probably because it’s prepared so close to home. While it may not be available in every gourmet café within the United Kingdom, it remains a firm favourite with the Scottish. 

Wasp Crackers, Japan 

As you’ve no doubt picked up from the title, this dish is a cracker that’s filled with wasps. Emulating your granular chocolate chip cookie, the wasp cracker substitutes the cocoa favourite with something with a little more sting. 

As expected, the taste sensation can be a little sharp, and will not be attractive to those who yearn for the best pizza in West London, but again remains a dish design purely to test boundaries.  

Witchetty Grub, Australia 

While any kind of grub can be frowned upon, the Witchetty grub has been a firm favourite among Australians. 

Usually enjoyed by those in the outback, this tasty morsel can be enjoyed raw, giving the consumer an almond-like taste, or cooked, where the consistency resembles that of roast chicken. 

These are only a handful of the weird and wonderful dishes the world has to offer. Some may be more appealing than others, by there’s no accounting for taste, especially in the world of food. 

It’s always worth remembering that although the United Kingdom may not have as many daring dishes as its foreign counterpart, it does have outlets that can offer the best pizza in West London.