Dazy Kitchen - Food Hygiene

Eating out is part of our lifestyle, and we do so for a number of reasons. It could be to celebrate a special occasions, or just to treat the children. Whatever the reason, those eating out want to know their food they are consuming is safe, as well as delicious. 

Fortunately, businesses that specialise in food are able to show their patrons that its food is not only prepared within a healthy environment, but it is also handled in the correct way. This is due to the ‘Food Hygiene Rating,’ which provides consumers with a user-friendly score based on the standards and compliance of that particular food premises. 

Many restaurants and food outlets work hard to ensure that they are providing the best services possible to the customers. For example, Dazy Kitchen itself has been awarded a 5, this means that as well as being one the nicest restaurants in Shepherds Bush, it is also able to store and prepare food without any concern to those who eat at Dazy Kitchen, as a score of 5 is the maximum a business can be awarded. 

Why Is the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Important?  

The Food Standards Agency deployed the food hygiene rating to assist consumers in making an informed choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to eat. While there are many restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets that prepare their food in a safe manner, there are those who simply don’t follow the same precautions. Without food hygiene ratings, the consumer is left blind when it comes to making an informed choice. 

The scheme also allows businesses to show how hard they are working to ensure that their food handling meets the necessary compliance. This again can instil confidence to those who like dining out. 

How Is It Determined Which Eatery Gets What Score? 

Very few businesses are identical, and as such will operate in a different way. The same can be said for how a restaurant is reviewed in relation to a food hygiene rating. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when a review is held. These can range from how food is prepared, down to the general condition of the property itself. Below is a synopsis of what each rating represents. 

Food Hygiene Rating 5: Very Good

Food Hygiene Rating 4: Good

Food Hygiene Rating 3: Generally Satisfactory 

Food Hygiene Rating 2: Improvement Necessary

Food Hygiene Rating 1: Major Improvement Necessary 

Food Hygiene Rating 0: Urgent Improvement Necessary 

As you can see, a score of between 3 and 5 is generally what would be expected to be deemed satisfactory. But what is the difference between good and very good. A score of 5 means that the eatery has gone above and beyond to ensure that it is storing products correctly, keeping the premises clean and best of all, making the customers the focus of their business. While it may cost a little more to maintain such high standards, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Dazy Kitchen also believe this, and strive to be one of the nicest restaurants in Shepherds Bush.